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Frequently Asked Questions

What Division should my child play in?

1. My child is over 8 years old and has never played, can I register him/her in a lower division?

No. If they have just begun playing they should register for our Learn to Skate program. The coaches can talk with you about options once they have a chance to work with them on the ice. There are some exceptions to playing down but are medically based. Please talk with a Division Rep or Board member for more details. 

The Gladiators offer a Learn to Skate Program which accepts children ages 4 and up.

2. Can I register my child for a Division above his/her age level?

No. You must register your child for the age appropriate division. Our league follows USA Hockey guidelines and regulations. Please ask a coach, Division Rep or Board member for more details if needed.

3. Will the Gladiators be using the new dual rink in Auburn?

Yes. It will be our home ice. We will still purchase ice if needed in other area arenas such as Bates College....

4. How do I sign my child up to play and does he/she need experience?

We accept all children at any level of playing skill for our Tier 4 program. Click on the registration tab and the instructions will help register your child.

5. What does it mean that my child needs to be assessed/evaluated at the beginning of the year?

All players interested in playing Tier 4 hockey will be assessed before players are placed on a team. This method is used to form teams that have an even amount of skill level and evaluations are confidential to Division Reps and applicable coaches only.

6. Why is the hockey assessment so expensive and where does all the money go?

The Maine Gladiators does it’s best to keep expenses down as much as possible. The following are some of the expenses that our league incurs: Ice time, Internet and website services, Timekeepers, Scheduling fees, Tournaments, Rent/leases, Uniform maintenance and purchases, equipment, penalties and fines, player registration fees, postage, telephone expenses, legal fees, accounting fees, licenses fee, officials, printing and reproduction, Administration costs, unpaid balances and miscellaneous

7. My child is starting hockey at the instructional level what equipment do I need to buy?

Skates,Helmet,Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Shoulder Pads, Protective cup, Hockey Pants, Hockey socks, jersey and Hockey Stick (the stick should not have a curve in it due to the child being a beginner and not having picked a dominant hand)
There are area business' that sell new and used equipment. You should bring your child with you when you purchase items so they can be fitted appropriately.

8. What is the difference between the Tier 2 & 3 (Travel Program ) and Hockey Tier 4 (House) teams?

Travel teams are in the Gladiator League and play competitive hockey, Tier 2 and Tier 3. These are regional teams with players from all over. All players need to tryout and be chosen to play. The tryouts typically happen in late winter or spring. They play games in Maine, NH and MA, pratices are typically at Norway Savings Bank arena

Tier 4 (formerly called House) are all children at any level of skill. You do not have to try out for these teams. They are no longer called House due to the fact Tier 4 teams do travel to different towns. i.e. Portland, Augusta…..

9. If my child does not live in the Lewiston/Auburn area can he/she transfer?

Yes as long as they are in good financial standing with their past league and have a signed release, Gladiators follow the MEAHA transfer policy.